2nd F.I.C.C. World Congress

The Fédération Internationale de Camping, Caravanning et Autocaravaning (F.I.C.C,) comprised 16 Clubs from 7 countries when it was founded as a non-profit organisation 1933. Today, it numbers 74 Federations and Clubs from 39 countries: a unique force which represents, protects, and promotes camping at national and international level through its technical Commissions.

In addition to the fun and friendship inspired by international events, the F.I.C.C. rallies are unique opportunities to develop strategies which favour camping and caravanning throughout the world. They are the social part of the F.I.C.C., so members from Great Britain, Japan, Sweden, North and South America, Israel, Portugal and others can participate in constructive discussions, and each member of the F.I.C.C. has the opportunity to defend his interests at the highest level.

This is just a sample of F.I.C.C.’s dynamic and diverse activities and we invite you to find out more about our organisation which is celebrating its 85th anniversary this year. Come and join this international Congress to contribute to the status of the art for which we hope to ensure a successful future thanks to the contributions of all participants.

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Organisers Comittee

João Alvres Pereira

Stan Stolwerk

Jerko Sladoljev

Silvia Brohl